Clearmans Galley’s Loyalty Program

  • Clearman’s Galley Loyalty Program is valid at any Clearman’s restaurants that has the similar program.
  • Cash reward earned may be redeemed at any Clearman’s restaurants that has the similar program.
  • You will earn 1 point for every $1 you spend.
  • You will be rewarded a cash value of $20 for every 500 points accumulated.
  • Your reward will be printed on your check once you reached 500 points.
  • Cash reward may be applied to your check on the following visit to the restaurant. It cannot be applied to the same check you accrued your final points. Please bring in your reward check/voucher or show on your app to redeem the cash reward.
  • Cash reward of $20 can be applied only once per check.
  • Cash reward is NOT applicable for alcohol beverages.
  • Cash reward expired 30 days after reaching 500 points. Loyalty points will be reset after that. No reimbursement will be allowed after expiration date.
  • No cash back allowed.
  • Points are exclusively for the Loyalty Program account owner. Cannot be combined with other accounts.


How to be eligible for Clearman’s Galley’s loyalty program?

-To be eligible, all patrons need to sign up for our loyalty program at or on the Clearman’s app. After signing up, you will automatically earn points for every dollar you spend at our restaurant.

How do I see my Loyalty earnings?

-Your current earning balance can be found at or on Clearman’s app.

Can we sign up at the restaurant?

-No, please sign up on our website or the Clearman’s app.

As a loyalty program member, how do I earn rewards?

-Whenever you dine with us, points are automatically accumulated in your Loyalty program account electronically and are converted into cash reward of $20 when you reach 500 points.

How many dollars do I need to spend in order to redeem my Loyalty Rewards?

-You will earn 1 point for every dollar spent at participating Clearman’s restaurants. You will need to spend at least $500 (not including tax) in order to earn $20 in cash reward.

Where and when can I use my rewards?

-Rewards can be used at Clearman’s participating restaurants in $20 increments. You can apply your reward of $20 only toward your next dining check. You can only redeem one (1) cash reward voucher at each visit. Cashier will take off $20 from your check. No cash back can be requested. Each $20 reward is valid only for 30 days after you reached 500 points. Points will be reset after reaching 500. Clearman’s restaurants cannot honor any expired cash reward voucher.

Can rewards be used to discounted items?

-Cash rewards of $20 can be applied to your entire check EXCEPT for alcohol beverages.