About Us

Clearman’s Galley, ‘The Boat,’ started out as a mail-service vessel serving ports between San Francisco and Alaska. In 1968, John Clearman bought it, rechristened it Clearman’s Galley and permanently anchored it on Huntington Drive in San Gabriel to become a hamburger stand.

The Galley soon sailed into the hearts of generations of food lovers who called it “The Boat.” The distinctive red-and-white hulled boat became an architectural landmark. The original hamburger stand with patio expanded with indoor seating and big-screen TVs for sports night fun for all ages. The Boat offered a rousing good time until 2007 when it was temporarily closed to make way for new development.

In 2008, Clearman’s Galley reopened at 7215 N. Rosemead Blvd., San Gabriel, just a few feet from where it was originally anchored on Huntington Drive. Though the original vessel was torn down, its wheelhouse has been rebuilt to top a new version of The Boat that will sit in front of the expanded restaurant, now a new landmark for great food.

History has proven that food fans love Clearman’s Galley for its tangy red cabbage salad, mouth-watering cheese bread, rich and creamy blue cheese salad, and signature chili. The expanded kitchen (1,000 square feet larger) continues to serve these signature dishes and other time-tested favorites – hearty hamburgers, cheeseburgers, tamale plate, chili plate, shrimp and fries, chicken dinner, buffalo wings, chef’s salad, sandwiches, and more. The Galley’s fast-serve line offers soup, salad, and cheese bread for diners in a hurry.

The Boat also became the place to celebrate sports victories from t-ball to the World Series, from Pop Warner to The Super Bowl, from high school basketball to the Final Four. Clearman’s Galley has doubled in size, with plenty of room for fans to watch more HDTV screens (more than 25 of them). And, there’s ample free parking behind the restaurant!

The Galley is part of Clearman’s other family-friendly restaurants: The North Woods Inns in Covina, San Gabriel and La Mirada, and Steak ‘n Stein restaurant in Pico Rivera.

Management Team Bios

Dan Hansel has been with the Clearman’s restaurant group for over 40 years! He knows the The Galley operations like no one else and is an incredible asset to our management team. After all these years, he’s friends with so many of our regular customers and, of course, the other staff. His kind, gentle demeanor has helped build clientele devotion. Dan has a wealth of restaurant industry knowledge.

Executive Chef Martin Serrano has been with the Clearman’s restaurant group for over 20 years. He’s a pro at keeping the busy kitchen running at our optimum. His comic relief mixed with his wealth of knowledge make working with him exciting and unpredictable. He runs a tight ship and has indisputably earned the respect of all the employees working here. We can’t wait to see what tasty recipes and ideas Chef Martin comes up with next.